Risk Management Services for Engineering,
Mining and Drilling Operations




Quest offers a variety of consulting services to the mining and related industries.  The services have been developed specifically to assist our clients with their risk management programmes.


Pressure Equipment Integrity Management
Quest specialises in the development and implementation of Pressure Equipment Integrity Management (PEIM) programmes for all pressurised equipment on the sites of our clients. Typical items included in the integrity management programmes are:
Refridgeration plant vessels
Chiller Units
Air receivers
Transfer vessels
Overland pipelines
Shaft columns (dewatering, backfill and air columns
Underground pumpstations

The PEIM programmes offer an equipment based risk assessment, Written Schemes of Examination for the individual plant items and engineering Fitness-for-Service assessments that provide the clients with equipment remaining life and future inspection requirements.

We focus on developing onstream inspection programmes using the most appropriate inspection technologies that deliver inspection results that can be used to trend degradation.

These inspection results are analysed to determine the fitness-for-service and the inspection intervals are set based on the remaining life and the associated risks of operating the equipment.


Structural Engineering
The continuous or regular assessments of structural equipment is important so as to understand the actual condition and the maintenance requirements. 

Quest offers SIMM (structural inspections and maintenance management) of all structural equipment.  These inspections are performed and a detailed report is generated describing the condition of the equipment together with remediation actions that are required.



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