Risk Management Services for Engineering,
Mining and Drilling Operations




We have developed and implemented special non-destructive techniques to assess and monitor the safe operation and maximise the lifespan of critical equipment and components.

Our NDT technicians use the most effective technology to aid the early detection of flaws or deterioration in components. The technology advantage is boosted by ongoing training to ensure accurate assessments.


NDT Services include
Thickness measurements
MPI (Magnetic Particle Inspections) for surface or near surface defects
Eddy current testing for surface or near surface defects
Alternating current field measurement (ACFM inspections) 
Corrosion mapping
Time of Flight Diffraction testing (ToFD) of welds and winder drumshafts
Ultrasonic Phased array inspections of welds and winder components subject to cracking
Pressure vessel, boiler inspection and certification
Pipeline inspection
Tank inspection
Sheave wheel rim profile analysis
Non-destructive testing consulting services

Key Benifits
Onstream inspections are the primary focus
Cost effective inspection solutions
Defect management through quality defect assessment
Improved asset management
Integration into reliability centred maintenance


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