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Quest has developed a special offering for the inspection of grinding mills and scrubbers, all done in an eight-hour shift.  This offering assists our clients to complete a "health check" on the equipment with a minimum shut duration.


Mill Inspection Bundle
The Mill Inspection Bundle consists of the following:
Shell infrared inspection and ultrasonic thickness measurement
Shell weld inspection
Riding ring ultrasonic inspection (where present)
Trunnion ultrasonic inspection (where present)
Bolt ultrasonic inspections
Gear and pinion inspections by means of advanced technologies
Pinion shaft inspection
Bearing inspections
Drive train alignment check and verification
Lubrication sampling

Benefits of the Mill Inspection Bundle:
Reduction of labour (Cleaning gear teeth)
No need to clean the gear teeth
No more cleaning solvents trapped in the lubrication
Reduction of inspection time
Reduction in total inspection cost
One report covering total condition of mill
One order number



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