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Quest has developed an inspection bundle for winders, specifically to complete all the required inspections without the need to disassemble the winder components.


Winder Inspection Bundle
The Winder Inspection Bundle is performed during one day (if operations allow) and consists of the following inspections:

Drum shaft
 NDT: ToFD inspection
Mechanical inspection: Alignment and bearing inspection

NDT: Gear and Pinion inspection (Eddy current or Magnetic Particle)
Mechanical: Contact area

Brake Components
NDT: In-situ testing of winder brake components using phased array ultrasonic

Sheave Spindles
NDT: Magnetic particle or eddy current inspection
Mechanical: Sheave wheel to winder drum alignment

Benefits of the Winder Inspection Bundle:
Reduction of labour (Cleaning gear teeth)
No need to clean the gear teeth
No more cleaning solvents trapped in the lubrication
Reduction of inspection time
Reduction in total inspection cost
Inspection can be moved to the week as opposed to carrying out inspection over weekends
Brake components do not need to be disassembled, reducing the risk of components ceasing
One report covering total condition of winder components
One order number


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